VHT Call Back

Minimizing Customer Frustration with Efficient Callback Solutions

Everyone who has had to call a company’s contact center for some reason has experienced the dreaded hold music. No matter how catchy of a song or message they put on, it gets frustrating and annoying pretty quickly. When the wait is too long, it can be a reason for you to give up and stop using the product altogether.

Long hold times are without a doubt frustrating. You may plan and forecast as much as you want, instances of influxes between customer calls are very common. This can be taxing for the customer and bad color on your company’s customer service processes.

The most apparent solution would be increasing manpower or adding artificially intelligent customer service agents to your team. However, that is not always possible. The solution then is in a system that shortens the call wait or completely removes it by scheduling a call for a later time.

The VHT Callback™ Solution

This VHT software is a solution to the dreaded hold time problem. It allows your customers to call in and lodge their complaints and then schedule a time for the customer center agent to call them back.

By integrating this system in your customer experience model, you don’t only manage your customer’s frustrations, you also avoid losing revenue. The customers have control over their own customer service experience without lowering the efficiency of your contact center.

While VHT Callback™ provides a practical solution for an apparent problem; it does a lot more for your brand. There is a consensus among consumers that the most important thing a company can do is value their time. The VHT Callbak™ solution does that.

You save your customers’ time and make them feel valued, which ultimately translates into better customer loyalty. On the technical side, VHT Callbak™ allows you to mitigate peak complaint hours, allocate resources appropriately, and improve Average Speed of Answer, Abandon Rate, and SLAs.

There are three forms of VHT Callback™ programs you can avail:

  • VHT ASAP™ Callback is an option that allows your customers to hold their original position in the virtual queue and get a call back according to the chronological order.
  • VHT Scheduled™ Callback provides callers the option to schedule a callback at a time that is more convenient for them.
  • After Hours Callback makes after-hour requests more manageable by automating the process.

AMX Solutions understands the intricacies and technicalities of the entire VHT Callback™ solution. Understanding the importance of customer service, especially complaint management, we ensure that this system works seamlessly in your contact center.

With a team of highly skilled and trained technicians, we install and configure the program to fir your processes and systems. We also provide continued maintenance services that ensure the program keeps on performing efficiently.

Manage your Contact Center with an Efficient Callback System. Call AMX Solutions for more Information regarding VHT Callback™.