Cyara’s Customer Experience Solutions

Enabling you to Build Better Customer Experiences with Cyara’s Solutions

For every company – regardless of whether they sell technical equipment or household machinery – a good sign of business is happy customers. From the beginning to the end, if you manage to develop a strong and convenient customer journey, marketing becomes a lot easier. It also amplifies a strong word of mouth.

The journey is a set of complex technical applications, all working together to form a sensible set of actions. They ensure that each customer can easily navigate it and get the service they were set out to receive.

Cyara is one company enabling others to define their customer journeys. The AI and bots interact with preexisting systems to test network applications and back-end data systems to learn and identify issues the customer faces.

They offer a sophisticated system comprised of multiple solutions which help companies through automated CX (customer experience) assurance platforms. With their technology, your contact center will be better equipped to serve your purpose better. It enables Agile and DevOps methodologies to facilitate automation and productivity.

Cyara Velocity

The word velocity refers to the speed in a set direction. This Cyara solution is built on the basis of improving test speeds and CX development. The focus of the program is on the design of your customer experience and automation.

Taking this approach, the Velocity solutions enable better functionality and testing when rapid innovation and quality are in question. It adopts agile development technologies to streamline and accelerate the development of your customer journey with quality.

It also offers better collaboration opportunities through shared visual language. You can run automated testing for better coverage.

Cyara Pulse

In a human body, the pulse is an indication of a working heart. For your business, your customers are the heart, while the CX is the pulse. A slight change in trends can disturb the overall experience for the customer and your company.

The Pulse solution is essentially a monitoring tool that can be used for the customer experience or journey. You can simulate real-time customer interactions to test the solutions that would be delivered. This will allow you to test the efficiency of the system, troubleshoot, and resolve potential issues.

You can monitor both voice and digital channels to obtain comprehensive data. You can then use the information to integrate customized improvements and run drills to ensure actionable insights are obtained in real-time.

Managing your Cyara Solutions

Both Velocity and Pulse solutions are meant to improve your business’s functionality. AMX Solutions uses the insights of its team to ensure they are both integrated into your systems without a hitch.

Experience and expertise backing our function, we can help you install, configure, and then maintain both of these systems so you can continue to establish and streamline better customer journeys.

If you’re using Cyara’s Technologies to make Improvements in your Customer Experience, Give AMX Solutions Call Today!