Playing the Role of Integrator

Facilitating the Achievement of Efficiency Goals your Company Strives Acclaim

What was considered unimaginable leaps a decade or two ago in the world of technology has now been integrated into various systems. From software that helps calibrate and project future revenue generation and completely AI-run customer service centers, the developments are overwhelming.

Delivering Effective Results

AMX Solutions has been tracking and keeping up with the new technologies that have overtaken the market in recent years. Our aim with all our solutions is not just to study new software and solutions but enable other companies to integrate then for their accelerated growth.

A culmination of both experience and expertise, AMX Solutions has ateam of highly skilled and trained people. Whether you want simple calibration of a program for the transfer of database silos or a complete system that enables artificial intelligence in your customer care centers, we are here to help you out.

Making the Best of your Customer Care Centers

Our people not only boast complete professionalism and prowess in their fields but also an attitude of service. Working with integrity, transparency, and efficiency, they intend to get the job done in the best way possible for you.

We work with various systems, installing, configuring, and maintaining them. Each of the following systems is meant to increase the quality of customer service you provide. We understand that in order to retain customer loyalty, you need these systems to take care of their problems.

Besides installing and configuring these systems, we also train your staff to make the best use of the platforms. We gain insights through studying the platforms and then train your employees to use them to their full potential so you can do right by your customers.

Cyara’s Solutions

Cyara’sAccelerator, Pulse, and Velocity platforms are designed to improve functional and regression testing and performance monitoring of your contact centers. The technology facilitates automation for improved CX and flawless customer journeys.

Koopid’s Solutions

Koopid was born to allow companies to create seamless customer experiences. Omni-channel virtual assistant, collaborative live assist, and contact center digital overlays all combine the functional benefits of conversational AI and live agent interactions.

TechSee Live Call Center

The TechSee Live Call Center platform allows your agents to be more efficient in their conversations. It enables the customers to connect with a live agent, send photos or videos, and get accurate solutions.

VHT Callback™

The VHT Callback™ platform aims to resolve one of the biggest complaints customers have – long hold times. Integrating the platform in your customer centers provides customers the option to schedule callbacks instead of staying on the line for hours. We can install this platform so you can assure your customer base that you value their time and concerns.

We use our teams’ insights to make sure these platforms deliver the value they were designed to provide. Let us take care of the technical stuff while you learn how to use these platforms to begin your journey towards developing extraordinary customer journeys.