New software (NICE Inform) is poised to help 911 communication centers dramatically improve the effectiveness of their technology infrastructure. Using the NICE Inform system, it is now possible to speed up investigations by providing a single simple interface that brings together all available caller data as well as visual and audible whereabouts information.

The rising importance of data storage is creating a pressing need for 911 communication centers to work on moving to “Next Generation 911” technology. “Next Generation 911” is poised to revolutionize the way that public safety issues are handled. NICE Inform is fully equipped with systems that will enable 911 to adopt technology that stores all relevant incident information; from call recordings, to videos, to text or data. With NG-911 software it can all be easy, safe, and efficient- providing a solid foundation to help enable “Next Generation 911” for our first responders.


Why Record 911 Emergency Calls?

Recording emergency calls ensures that every time a person calls 911, they will get a consistently improving service. For example, if a victim has made a call to 911 before and this is his second time, rather than asking him for the address again, a call center operator will have that data saved on a record in front of them. This minimizes the time it will take to reach out to the victim and provide help, which can be the difference between life and death.

In fact, recording emergency calls and collecting addresses, names, phone numbers, nature of emergencies, and representative responses, opens up an entirely new range of possible benefits to the public and our first responders. This data can be used to better understand services being requested, services being provided, and how systems can be improved to better meet the needs on both sides of the equation.

Bring All Your Data into One Platform

Another benefit to implementing the NICE Inform system is that it fuses different types of multimedia information, including that from external sources, into a common application and interface. These software programs allow third-party voice and video recordings to be imported and synchronized with all incident-related video, images, voice recordings and other multimedia. This synchronization and sorting allows for the arranging of unstructured and unsorted data into a complete chronological audio/visual timeline, even for rapid response services.

Emergencies Don’t Wait, Software Updates Shouldn’t Either

The entire idea behind providing an emergency assistance service is to provide prompt and helpful service. Software and call center technology is evolving faster than ever right now and it is critical that police departments and IT managers for 911 communication centers adopt these new technologies to avoid falling behind or even worse, finding themselves with obsolete technology.

For example, since Microsoft announced that they are no longer supporting and maintaining the XP operating system, there is now a potential problem for those who have not yet planned to upgrade their affected systems. What would happen and who would be accountable if a 911 call communication center stopped functioning properly?

NICE Inform caters to all the needs of the current technical landscape, which is why we are encouraging authorities to consider upgrading their 911 communication software as soon as possible.

Staying Up to Date With Call Center Technology Helps Save Lives

The bottom line is that the ability to interact through video calls, voice messages, and the ability to take in any sort of multimedia data and create records through a clear, transparent, and easy-to-use system, makes it easy for 911 representatives to respond more effectively. This improvement in effectiveness can easily translate into saving more lives.

It is anticipated that 911 centers will go through a massive technological update over the next few years, but the sooner they do it, the better! NICE inform provides all the necessary tools to comfortably migrate 911 emergency communication centers into the future — now!