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Guide Valuable Visitors to Your Site using Co-Browsing

Today an average of 30 percent of all service transactions take place online. Live web support using active chat and co-browsing transfers traditional service experiences in the virtual world of the internet. During co-browsing, an agent (Mediatrix WEB SCOUT) joins the website visitor and tours the site together. This is done without the need for specialist software installation or prior adjustment of visited content. A virtual consultation develops – also called ‘Human Assisted Web’.

By the end of the 1990s, ITyX had already started with the development of co-browsing for guided live web support and since continuously improved the technology. Co-browsing is used in Mediatrix WEB SCOUT. The technology can be operated on encrypted content and offers many individual functions with flexible configurations.

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ITyX Technology for Co-Browsing includes eg:

  • Joint visit of internet contents (collaborative/shared browsing)
  • Joint completion of forms (shared web forms)
  • Forwarding of sessions to available specialists (session forward)
  • Visualisation of contents through advisor arrow (telemarker)
  • No adjustment on the internet content
  • Cross browser compatible
  • SaaS model available

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