Virtual Hold Technology

Virtual Hold Technology (VHT) Callback calculates and quotes the expected wait time, giving customers the option to receive a callback in the same amount of time as if they had waited on hold or to schedule a callback for a more convenient time.

Customers gain the flexibility to virtually hold their place in queue, freeing them up to do other tasks rather than waiting for an agent. Callers who are given the choice of a callback typically have better experiences, more favorable views of agents and are more likely to speak positively of your brand, promoting your business and sharing your services with others.

Virtual Hold Technology Features:

  • VHT Callback ASAPTM holds the customer’s original place in a virtual queue; initiates an outbound call and connects the customer with an available agent who knows who they will be speaking to and provides the context before they say hello.
  • VHT Callback ScheduledTM provides customers with the option to schedule a callback at a more convenient time for customers within the next seven days and based on agent availability.
  • VHT CX PlatformTM is the foundation of VHT Callback — provides centralized virtual queueing, configuration and administration; calculates and communicates estimated wait time (EWT) and delivers insights and product level integration to leading call routing platforms and desktops.
  • End-of-Day Strategies and Operation Modes prevent calls from building up in the virtual queue on busy days and perform clean-ups of the Callback queue in conjunction with end-of-day strategies configured in CX Platform.

Benefits of this Technology:

  • Gain immediate, strategic, demonstrable ways to positively impact and fine tune experience, brand and the bottom line.
  • Align available resources to customer needs, balancing service goals with dramatic improvements in average speed of answer, abandoned calls, repeat calls, talk time and average handle time.
  • Provide a premium customer experience to high value customers
  • Reduce Average Speed of Answer (ASA) and increase service level attainment
  • Increase First Contact Resolution (FCR) by reducing abandoned callers
  • Mitigate negative impact of unexpected peaks
  • Gain reliable, cost effective solutions that integrate with existing applications and infrastructure and into multi-vendor environments as demonstrated in more than 400 VHT deployments worldwide.

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