Emergency Situation Call Logging

Next Generation 911 Voice Logging and Call Recording Solution

The NICE Inform Call Recording provides emergency 911 PSAP with the state-of-the-art technology needed to efficiently record, organize and track all of this data in one centralized, easy-to-use, secure program.

Audio Recording

Incident Reconstruction


Quality Assurance

Screen Recording


Text Messages


Each call that comes into a 911 call center or other public safety call center requires immediate attention.

In seconds, the operator must enter critical information into the system and retrieve relevant data.

It works with all of the media and data types needed in event documentation.

This includes phone calls, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications, video clips, closed-circuit TV, radio calls, picture and text messages, GIS mapping and other electronic content.

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Leveraging Interoperability with NICE Inform


  • Work with internal departments
  • Share with external organizations
  • Digitally secured central repository
  • Complete incident picture to all stakeholders
  • Incident can be taken down as necessary
Nice Inform



NICE Inform – The ultimate DEBRIEFING tool

Supporting the move to NG9-1-1, NICE Inform provides the capabilities necessary to comfortably migrate emergency communication centers into the future — now.

Reduce COST by saving TIME

Better UTILIZATION of scarce resources



CONSOLIDATE information silos



Provide a better SERVICE

The live-monitoring function enables supervisors to instantly listen-in on any call. This is beneficial not only in training call takers but also for quality assurance purposes as well.

The recent call play-back function allows operators to immediately retrieve a recording to confirm call details and verify that the appropriate action was taken.

The system records every user action and maintains a history of these actions. This audit history helps reviewers piece together the details surrounding the recording of each event.



The many advanced features of the NICE Inform 911 solution allow your public safety organization to streamline your operations, thereby saving time and money while still enhancing the quality of service you provide the public.

Simple & Advanced Queries

The system allows both simple and advanced search queries. Because the system consolidates and tracks data for each event, investigators can retrieve each incident and its entire related media with speed and precision. In situations where time is of the essence, this capability ensures the investigator has all the vital data needed so they can focus their entire attention on problem-solving.

Agency Sharing

The NICE Inform Call Recording system also makes it easy for agencies to work with one another on cases. Authorized co-workers can share multimedia information with one another and with other public safety organizations through protected DVD or email. NICE Inform also includes its own Media Player for this purpose.

Scalability & Growth

The built-in modularity and scalability of the system means your organization can increase its media capture capacity over time as your needs grow. You will be able to invest confidently, knowing that you are spending money and time on a system that will work for your agency today and well into the future.

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