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At the point of purchase, you could lose up to 70 percent of your leads if contact options and support are not readily available. WEB SCOUT live chat is the solution.

Pro-active Live Chat and Live Web Support

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Organizations regularly loose up to 70 percent of their online customers because contact options aren’t readily available at the moment of purchase. Mediatrix live chat WEB SCOUT, the pro-active live chat solution for Web support, connects website visitors directly with available customer service staff in a targeted way, based on their browsing behavior during their visit. The experience of personal contact complemented by live chat messages, video integration or guided online presentations, generates customer relationships, removes purchase barriers and improves conversion rates. Proactive live chat and co-browsing from ITyX are ideal tools to bridge the value promise of providers from the traditional contact center model into the virtual world of the Internet.

Mediatrix live chat WEB SCOUT is a module from ITyX’ series of Response Management solutions and uses the technology components Web-Radar (customer value-oriented approach) and Co-Browsing. Mediatrix live chat WEB SCOUT can be operated as a stand-alone solution or combined with other ITyX solution modules in one application platform: email, letter, proactive live chat, social media and call tickets all in one agent application.

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Benefits of Live Chat WEB SCOUT:


  • Analysis of visitors’ behavior on Internet pages connected to live chat WEB SCOUT
  • Pro-active approach of valuable visitors: “Can we help?”
  • Generation of positive service experiences at the time of the purchase decision
  • Exchange of live chat messages, files and images
  • Website push and co-browsing to conduct customer consultations
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting

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Image: Web content can be operated simultaneously and in real-time: During co-browsing, the application acts as ‘agent’ between the browsers of the conversation partners (visitor and customer service staff)


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