How can you?

  • Serve customers in a multichannel and more informed world
  • Improve staff skills, knowledge and performance without increasing operational costs
  • Focus your training budget to give the highest and quickest ROI
  • Reduce staff churn and optimize agent skills and knowledge
  • Improve how you plan, manage and schedule training in your Workforce Management system

Our Solutions

  • Optimize Skills-Based Routingcrowd

Connect our skills database to your ACD so customer interactions are routed to an agent with the right skills, first time, every time.

  •   Utilize your existing data

Connect your performance data to our skills database to identify which skills drive performance. You discover which skills are the most valuable to your organization – then focus training on building those skills to optimize your resources and improve performance.

  • Target training

Our skills management tools will pinpoint each person’s individual skill levels, skill gaps and training needs – so you stop wasting time and money on blanket training.
Optimize your Workforce Management system*
Connect Silver Lining to your Workforce Management system to plan, manage and schedule customized training plans. This takes into account agent, trainer and training room availability and service level impact. (*We currently support Genesys and NICE/IEX Workforce Management system integration).

  • Reduce Churn

Silver Lining helps you provide the right training at the right time so you deliver the training your staff need for their career development. Training road-maps can be made visible to improve motivation and retention.

  • Prove and improve ROI

Silver Lining makes the link between skills and performance absolutely transparent, so you can see and prove what impact training is having on the bottom line, make real-time adjustments if it is not having the required effect and prove its ROI.

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