Call Center Text Solutions

Understanding and Automating Text-based Business Processes

ITyX modular enterprise software solutions capture and optimally process the content and relevant data of incoming written communications within your organization and its internal/external resources, regardless of channel (email, mail, Web, social media), structure (free text, form) or language.
ITyX’s solution for Contact Centers is called Mediatrix. Mediatrix optimally connects text-based business processes with your organization’s knowledge and resources by combining all communication channels in one central platform.

Web Chat Co-browsing

Social Media Conversation

Email Management

Social CRM

Welcome to a New Service Economy.

Mediatrix solutions not only manage text-based business processes but they are also capable of “making sense” of the content. Thus, Mediatrix combines knowledge (Enterprise Content Management, ECM) and communication (Customer Experience Management, CEM) on one integrated platform — with a central, dynamic knowledge base and graphical management of all business processes.

Mediatrix is the Next Generation Contact Center Business Process solution, manage all your information in a single platform to automatize process, reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction

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