Call Center Suite


Strategic Solutions for Your Company

Contact Centers are a key element for the interaction of its organization with current and possible clients. Setting a maximum efficacy contact center is a complex and crucial process.

All-in-one Solution

  • Organize your communication with clients in one centralized structure to leverage opportunities, ideas, attempts, needs and business threats.
  • Introduce metrics according to the company´s objectives, the agreements made with clients and the best practices.
  • Reduce costs usinf the most effective channels with the client-voice, video, e-mail, chat, SMS, social media.
  • Support real-time audio, video and screen monitoring an unparalleled feature in this kind of systems.
  • Integrate multi-channeling into your organization core business processes.

MitCT PE 2.0 Contact Center Suite is a all-in-one solution that enables continuous interactive monitoring of all forms of contact center communication. By bringing all communication into one solution, MitCT PE 2.0 maximizes contact center efficiency while minimizing costs.

Compromises different modules which can be easily used and will provide these facilities to your Contact Center:


Multichannel Communication
ACD, Blending
CTI Integration with CRM
Intelligent Call Routing
Social Media & Messages Management


Speech Analytics
Real-time Quality Monitoring
Monitoring/Agent’s Qualification
Intelligent Call Routing
Social Media & Messages Management


Preview and Predictive Dialer
Flexible Scripting
Call Lists Management
Outbound Multichannel Interactions
Data Auto-Import


Historic Reports
Real-time Supervisions
Notification Monitoring
Call Center Cost
Traffic Analysis
Quality Control


Client’s Profile / Self Service
Graphic Apps Generator
Multichannel Messaging


Real-time Service Level
Historic Performance Reports
Interaction Workflow

The best of both worlds: Cloud-Based and On-Premises Systems

The integrated, flexible and fast-implementation modules enhance MitCT-PE 2.0, allowing it to automatize the whole interaction process with ideal functioning and dynamism:


It unifies the inbound multichannel contact management (voice, e-mail, web, socia media, chat, etc) into one universal queue. It maximizes the service level and increases productivity.

Mit Dialer

It makes a pro-active contact that allows business creations and improves the relationship with customers. It simultaneously manages outbound, mixed and agent-less campaigns.

Mit Recorder

It carries out the voice and screen interaction recordings making a report of all the events – transfers, holds and mute. It analyses these interactions on the basis of definable criteria and context information.

Mit QM

it centralizes the agent´s evaluation by creating ad hoc templates and generates multiple actionable reports that improve quantitative and qualitative benefits.

Mobile apps

It allows the access to accounts, tasks and processes from a mobile device. It encourages the field sale force´s or field support´s daily work effectiveness in a flexible and natural way.


It allows the connection between Contact Centers and the customers through the new means of communication available on the 2.0 web, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.


A work flow for each process is created to manage the attention process during its life cycle. It adds every company área, reduces costs, increases efficiency and general satisfaction.

Mit Analytics

It detects critical phrases and emotions related to business and stores key data that allows tendency and behavioral pattern detection.


A highly customizable relationship management system that enables minimal deployment time for every production line. It also features and API allowing interoperability with legacy software.

Mit Wfm

Flexible prediction, planification and follow up tools to optimize staffing.


It integrates the IVR functions and it processes simultaneously all new available messaging channels. It independently runs and divides inbound interactions according to the King of customer and redirects them pursuant to configurable rules.


It allows the connection between Contact Centers and customers through the new available messaging channels, such as e-mail SMS, chat, by means of the processing unification.

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