Jeremy Starcher
VP of Business Development

 Tuesday July 14, 2015
Time: 12:00 PM ET/ 9:00 AM PT
The #1 technology trend prioritized by businesses today is customer demand for emerging channels. Meanwhile 72% of customers are frustrated with inconsistent service across channels. Technology is a new reality for our customer’s experience and it’s time for the contact center to connect the digital experience with the contact center experience in order to gain insight into the real points of failure occurring along the customer’s journey.

The traditional contact center view of the customer experience is through the lenses of ACD reports, IVR statistics and carrier bills. In today’s digital age, it is no longer enough to have a “CRM understanding” of the customer. We need to ask ourselves probing questions such as “how many callers in queue right now were on my website 5 minutes ago?”

Join us as we explore the customer’s digital experience and how it is directly linked to their experience inside your contact center.

What Attendees will learn:

Current trends in customer experiences: Businesses and customers seem to be aligned in terms of intent. Why is there such a different perspective in terms of experience?
Blinders to the customer’s experience: How what we don’t know about the customer’s entire experience hinders us from delivering on great experiences.
How to conduct a reality check on the customer’s actual experience: three questions contact centers should be asking.
How callback connects emerging channels with the contact center to create a WOW experience for your customers, your employees and your business.
Who should attend:

VP’s Customer Service
Contact Center Directors
Online Business Owners

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