Call Recording

Call Recorder Gives Your Call Center Brand Awareness, Improves Regulatory Compliance All While Reducing Costs & Disputes!


Quickly Impact Customer Satisfaction

For Up-to 200 Agents and More

Easy to Design Evaluations

Simple to Perform Evaluations

Training Takes Less Than a Day

Option to Install on the Core Recorder

Out-of-the-Box Integration with Call Recording eXpress

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All-In-One Solution
Capture Any PBX
Tools to Enable PCI Compliancy


Built in Archiving Manager
Rapid Install and Configuration
Secure Storage of Recordings


Flexible Call Search
Increase performance with Quality Express
Integration with Business Apps

Enterprise Call Recorder eXpress is easy-to-install, low-cost call recorder software designed to address the unique requirements of SMCCs and financial branches. It is the most affordable Call Recorder in the industry, increase customer satisfaction, more productive agents and better conversations with your customers.

With its intuitive configuration and administration, the Call Recorder system is easy to configure, and easy to use, delivering the functionality of enterprise systems, including PCI compliance and Quality Management (Quality eXpress). NRX can record up to max. 200 channels in a single box.
Based on advanced interaction call recorder technology, Enterprise Call Recorder eXpress low-cost call recorder enables you to:

Record customer calls in individual offices or throughout branch offices.

Play them back for quality management or dispute resolution.

Archive them locally or remotely in the event of future investigation or litigation.

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