If you’re like most business owners, you spend far too much racking your brain trying to figure out why custoemers are calling, visiting, and browsing, but not buying. You’ve got a killer product, a flashy website, and some shiny promotions going on, yet your bottom line doesn’t seem to budge. What gives? The answer could be in your customer service.

Problem 1: Help Isn’t Readily Available

Picture this: your client is actively purusing your site, filling their cart, and having a generally good time. Then they stumble upon their next induldgence, only to be torn between two sizes/colors/options/etc. In a frustrated flurry, they abandon their cart all together because of this dilemma. Sound crazy? It’s not! In fact, organizations lose up to 70 percent of online customers when help isn’t available at the point of purchase.

So what’s a frustrated business owner to do? Live Chat is the answer. With a live chat solution installed and maintained on your website, agents are ready to help, day or night. Customers can chat anonymously and at their own discretion, and ultimately make the best choices for their needs. Cart abandonment: solved.

Problem 2: Help is Taking FOREVER

Humans are impatient; facts are facts. We don’t want to waste our time waiting on anyone. Think about it: when was the last time you got exicited to wait on hold? Never, that’s when! Your customers are the same way; they’d rather skip an unnecessary purchase than wait around for a simple answer.

Enter Virtual Hold Technology. With Virtual Hold, customers can save their spot in line, without having to wait on the phone. Having this system in place can reduce your call abandonment up to 50 percent, while improving overall customer happiness.

Problem 3: Help Isn’t Trained Correctly

So you’ve implemented a Live Chat solution on your website, and Virtual Hold Technology in your call center, yet sales still seem to be climbing at a snails pace. What gives? The answer might lie within your customer service training. If agents aren’t properly trained, they could be giving out false information or even turning customers away. With eLearning and the right Phone Systems in place, you can ensure that no potential customer is lost to poor service.

Now that you’ve got the tools to succeed, it’s time to implement these stategies within your own company. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your customer service solutions, contact us today. We can set up streamlined systems and help your bottom line.